Launching – A launchpad for BASE szn: A New Era for Creators in the Crypto Space

Unveiling – A launchpad for BASE szn: A New Era for Creators in the Crypto Space

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Unruggablean innovative platform dedicated to revolutionizing the way creators can launch tokens seamlessly. 

Launch tokens securely on BASE within minutes, which are community governed, secure and unruggable!

Have an idea to launch your token?

Are you a BASE fan?

Launch your own token securely within minutes and create your own governance. Unruggable is the ultimate platform for both non-technical creators and seasoned developers looking to launch and manage crypto tokens with ease. Our no-code solutions empower you to bring your crypto projects to life, while advanced tools let developers add custom functionalities. Step into the future of token creation and management—secure, decentralized, and tailored to fit your vision.

Why should you join our creator network?

  • Do not miss the next big szn in crypto: BASE szn – Be the first mover in this space.
    Get exclusive access to Unruggable platform with free, commission free token creation
  • Connect with other creators and investors to expand your community
  • Co-create with the community and launch new tokens, find your team and many more.
How is Unruggable unique?
1. No-Code Token Creation

Intuitive interface for setting up tokenomics, including token supply, distribution, and more.

2. Decentralized Governance Tools

Set up governance structure, facilitate voting mechanisms and decision-making processes directly on the blockchain.

3. Comprehensive and fair fundraising

Streamline the process of raising funds through Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) and other mechanisms.

4. Vesting and Staking Protocols

Implement vesting schedules to ensure the strategic release of tokens and offer staking options.

Join us on this exciting journey and be part of the movement redefining the creator economy.

Stay tuned for more updates, success stories from our creator community, and tips on how to maximize your Unruggable experience.

The Unruggable Team
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The next-gen secure crypto launchpad




The next-gen secure crypto launchpad



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