Democratizing token launches.
One chain at a time!

Backed by 2 incubators – a crypto incubator from San Franciso and a tech incubator from Europe, Unruggable is a pioneering cryptocurrency platform that enables creators to easily launch and manage their own tokens across multiple blockchain networks – starting with BASE. 

  • Our Mission

    At Unruggable, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way individuals and organizations create, launch, and manage crypto tokens. Our mission is to democratize access to blockchain technology, enabling innovators from all backgrounds—regardless of their technical expertise—to participate in and shape the future of finance.

  • Our Vision

    We envision a world where the creation and management of digital assets are as accessible and straightforward as setting up a social media profile. Unruggable strives to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation, providing a robust, secure, and user-friendly platform that empowers users to bring their digital asset visions to life.

  • Team

    Unruggable is powered by a diverse team of passionate professionals from various industries including technology, finance, and blockchain. Our founders and team members are pioneers in the crypto space, dedicated to providing solutions that address real-world needs and contribute to the broader blockchain community.

Our core values


We constantly push the boundaries of what's possible in blockchain technology.


We believe in the power of community and the collective potential it has to drive growth and innovation.


We uphold the highest standards of openness and honesty in all our operations.


The safety of our users’ projects is paramount. We integrate the best security practices in all our platform's layers.


We are committed to empowering our users by providing tools that remove barriers to blockchain technology.

Roadmap - Unruggable 1.0

Roadmap - Unruggable 2.0

The future of token creation and governance -
No code

Unruggable is the ultimate platform for both non-technical creators and seasoned developers looking to launch and manage crypto tokens with ease. Our no-code solutions empower you to bring your crypto projects to life, while advanced tools let developers add custom functionalities. Step into the future of token creation and management—secure, decentralized, and tailored to fit your vision.

Tailored for everyone

Intuitive no-code tool for easy design, launch, and management of crypto tokens for individuals and technical teams.

True decentralization

All smart contracts are deployed directly on the blockchain, allowing for complete autonomy and security.

Comprehensive Token Management

From token creation to fundraising, governance, vesting, staking protocols, and beyond.


The next-gen secure crypto launchpad




The next-gen secure crypto launchpad



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