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Key features

Launch your token on BASE within minutes – no hassle, no coding knowledge required.

No-Code Token Creation

Intuitive interface for setting up tokenomics, including token supply, distribution, and more.

Decentralized Governance Tools

Set up governance structure, facilitate voting mechanisms and decision-making processes directly on the blockchain.

Comprehensive and fair fundraising

Streamline the process of raising funds through Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) and other mechanisms.

Vesting and Staking Protocols

Implement vesting schedules to ensure the strategic release of tokens and offer staking options.

The future of token creation and governance -
No code

Unruggable is the ultimate platform for both non-technical creators and seasoned developers looking to launch and manage crypto tokens with ease. Our no-code solutions empower you to bring your crypto projects to life, while advanced tools let developers add custom functionalities. Step into the future of token creation and management—secure, decentralized, and tailored to fit your vision.

Tailored for everyone

Intuitive no-code tool for easy design, launch, and management of crypto tokens for individuals and technical teams.

True decentralization

All smart contracts are deployed directly on the blockchain, allowing for complete autonomy and security.

Comprehensive Token Management

From token creation to fundraising, governance, vesting, staking protocols, and beyond.

How to launch a token on Unruggable?

1. Define your project

Utilize the no-code interface to define your tokenomics, including total supply, type of token (utility, governance, etc.), and allocation (e.g., for community, team, advisors).

2. Develop token features

Set up governance structure, vesting Schedules and Staking Mechanisms if applicable, to encourage holding and community engagement.

3. Launch preparation

Develop a marketing strategy and engage with potential users and supporters through various channels to build a community around your token.

4. Deploy on Blockchain

Deploy Smart Contracts with a click onto the selected blockchain. As your token grows, consider adding more features or expanding its utility.


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The next-gen secure crypto launchpad




The next-gen secure crypto launchpad



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